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I paint commissioned pieces. Please see below for some examples of commissioned work.


View from the Shack


Oil on canvas


"I commissioned this piece so that I could experience the view from ‘the shack’ no matter where I was in the world. Skip you have an incredible talent at connecting place and emotion through your work. This is my favourite place in the world and I can’t thank you enough for capturing it so perfectly."

Beaulieu River


Oil on canvas

"The truth is Sarah I was not sure that I could find the words to convey the sentiments I feel about this work of art.


Your interpretation of the sun setting over the Beaulieu river faithfully captures the atmosphere that evening. To watch a sunset is, in my opinion always a privilege and even more so when doing so from the deck of a boat.

To capture that moment, as you have with your own fair hand is nothing short of magical."


The Rhuddlan Nature Reserve


Oil on canvas

"I have admired the pieces Sarah has painted over the past few years, and wanted to arrange something special for my mums birthday, so commissioned Sarah for a piece. The Rhuddlan Nature Reserve is very important for my family so I wanted Sarah to paint one of the totem poles in the reserve. From just a few photos of the totem pole, Sarah was able to bring to life the Heron, and the wild nature surrounding it. It really took me back when she showed it to me as the detail on the pole and the heron was amazing. A fabulous painting, that was also loved by my mother when she received it. This is definitely the first of many commissions!"

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